Expanded Education Program To Include Spelling Bee

Hope for Haiti Foundation’s education programs span well beyond the classroom, including a soccer league and character counts program. Each of these extracurricular programs provides support for in-class learning by teaching students and parents the principles of discipline, integrity, fair play, team spirit, and impartiality.

HFHF’s soccer league, LIJAS, which translated from French stands for “The Interscholastic League of Academics and Sports,” has been running a successful soccer league for middle and high school students for several years and includes over 15 teams throughout Bainet. The no-pass, no play rule (students must have passing grades to participate in the league), the structured environment, and the competitive atmosphere are turning these young men and women into community leaders. HFHF is working hard to include additional sports that will involve more students like basketball, volleyball, and track. Even in its limited capacity, however, athletes, parents, and students alike are benefitting greatly from the league.

We are excited to announce the initiation of the next phase of LIJAS: the academic competitions, beginning with the Spelling Bee. The 3-week competition, which included four local schools, was broadcast over HFHF’s radio station, Radio Bigot, allowing all members of the community to participate as spectators. The league’s commissioner, Jude Letang, initiated the competition, assembled a great team of judges and over-delivered on HFHF’s first academic competition.

Spelling bees and academic decathlon are now part of LIJAS with the purpose of encouraging academic excellence through all of the 50+ schools that HFHF assists. This program is in its infancy. If you have any experience in academic competitions, your expertise is welcomed. Please contact Louis Adam at Ladam@hopeforhaitifoundation.com

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