Drop By Drop

Karina Bethje traveled with the surgical team on the latest trip. Read her perspective on the medical work HFHF is doing.

In 2009, I toured the hospital Hope For Haiti Foundation had bought at the ocean shore of a sweet, bustling town called Bainet. I could see the future of this building. Wings of specialties, surgery, warm ocean breeze and smiling missionaries aiding in the healing of Bainet and its surrounding communities.

In 2010, the hospital we had carefully selected, red and white paint, proud and strong, returned to the ground in an earthquake that disrupted a hundred years of slow build. The dreams of surgery, tertiary care, it seemed, had crumbled into the rubble of the hospital floor.

But how I misjudge the warriors who fight among me for the preservation of MY Haiti. The dream of surgery came alive in 2013, and I follow this team in 2014. A week of 11 people doing 20 major surgeries; of small children with big fractures and everyone working to make it straight again. A week of old men with smiles returning to their faces. A week of pathology, of kisses, tears, hugs, and perhaps the best rum found on this planet.

How truly blessed I have been to have bore witness, to have added my drop, to have looked into the eyes of MY Haiti, and know that God has favored our work and made it His own.

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