Despite Challenges, We Continue to Thrive in Haiti

A letter from our founder

One would be challenged today to say that Haiti didn’t have a bad year.  In fact we may say it outright that the last 30 years have been a challenge for our beautiful Haiti. The world has seen Haiti experience political demonstrations, the assassination of Haiti’s president, an earthquake and, within days of the earthquake, a hurricane. 

Most recently, we learned of the unimaginable kidnapping of missionaries in Haiti. I have been wanting to send this email for a while now but, once I heard about these missionaries, I could not muster the strength to write to you. I am so relieved and grateful today that they have returned home. 

Yes, Haiti has seen her fair share of heartache this year but despite the difficulties, our work in Haiti has been steadfast, methodical, and unwavering.  We can confidently say that the determination that has been demonstrated over the last 21 years will continue, and we know that because you have come alongside us to ensure that our work continues. We are also seeing the next generation of friends and loved ones stepping up to help us make an impact in Haiti; I’ve counted a few 3-generation supporters and partners since our work began.

We have not taken a team to Haiti since December 2020, and we don’t intend to do so in the next few months, or even years, but our work continues.  The pandemic has reaffirmed our vision and belief that the work to positively impact a community begins and ends with the local team and community leaders. 
While we greatly value the partnership with the international community, this collaboration has not been possible since the start of COVID-19 and we have refused to be paralyzed in the face of chaos and pain. 
This past year, HFHF has experienced growth in all areas of our work:  

  • We’ve adopted two more churches to add to the two that we have partnered with and our home church or Zorange (5 churches)
  • We have expanded laboratory services to our second clinic in Gandou
    • Thanks to the “Powerboys” ( Chris, Mike, Mark, Drew, Jeremy, Mitch… and yes they let me come along but forbid me from touching a screwdriver for my own safety) we’ve added to our micro electrical grids in Haiti. The fourth one was installed a year ago (Dec 2020) and enables our medical team to provide lab services.  
  • We have 500 students at our school and have welcomed a new Pre-K and Elementary School Director who has already engaged the parents and is working with them to ensure that little ones (3 years old and up) are getting the support from school, the community and at home to nurture their growth and learning
  • We have a new Doctor as of Aug 2021 (Dr. Jeff) and I could still sense his excitement to be working with our team and in the community when I spoke to him a few days ago ,
    • Dr. Jeff and his team of nurses have begun to record Podcasts at our radio station. They record a lesson/topic and they have open mics to let the community call in and ask questions
  • We have started a music school in Zorange and we already have about 40 students
  • In the fall of 2022 we intend to start a University in Zorange, starting with Science Education.  There are a lot of primary schools in the community and many of the teachers have never attended college.  We want to provide them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and impact their students in return.

We continue to dream to build the Leadership Academy in Bainet to provide primary, secondary and university studies.  We are excited at the dream of expanding our dormitory in Bainet into a Hotel.  We intend to attach a 3-story building to the restaurant and the dorm that will provide hotel services to the region.  People who have visited the restaurant rave about the services and the hospitality they receive.  They haven’t seen anything yet.  We’re just getting started!

We hope to find ways to take people to Haiti as soon as we can, safely. We are working with a group that may be able to take people from Fort Pierce, FL to Jacmel, Haiti, bypassing Port-au-Prince altogether! We should know very soon if this is possible and I will let you know as soon as it happens (because I believe it will happen!).  

Thank you for allowing me to come to you humbly to thank you for what you’ve helped us accomplish in Haiti in the last 21 years.  I expect that Haiti will continue to face challenges but I also expect, through the grace of God, that our work will continue.  Our partnership with Team Haiti is not temporary, as I expect the work to continue long after we’re gone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our Team Haiti.

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