Denise returns to Haiti with a healthy heart!

Two months ago, we told you the story of Denise, a young Haitian woman in rural Zorange, Haiti, whose life was at risk due to a heart valve condition. The situation was grim. Without heart surgery, Denise’s life would be cut drastically short.

Today, thanks to Hope for Haiti Foundation’s supporters, volunteer medical professionals, Rochester General Hospital, and a partnering non-profit Intervol, Denise’s story is now a success story with a happy ending!

Read all about this happy ending: Haitian heart patient Denise Imbry to return home happy, healthy.

Thank you for being part of the success! We know there are many others like Denise who are in need of life-saving surgery who do not have access to such care. Will you join with us as we work toward saving more lives by providing surgical capabilities in Bainet, Haiti? Find out how.

Additional News About Denise:

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