Clinic and Ultrasound Machines

Today we were scheduled to train the four nurses that run the clinic on the ultrasound machines and the slit lamp. Well, Kim has been training the vision part all day, but I haven’t been able to do anything since the ultrasound machine is broken. It looks like it got damaged in shipping. I’ll try to find a replacement part when I get back.

One of the best parts of this trip is meeting all these passionate, determined people that help out the HFHF team. Kim, Cean, Liz and Gabby are all so kind and helpful. Elade, the founder, envisioned all this – the school, the clinic and much more only 9 years ago.

There is so much poverty in this country. I wish I had the opportunity to visit Haiti before the earthquake, although from what I understand it’s not much different. The people still lived in shacks and tents, just not as many.

This all is being sent from my phone – and the internet is sketchy here…so bear with me with short blogs. Here are a few pictures from the journey here:

We got to our dorm at 8:30 Sunday night – it was quite an adventure. We four-wheeled up muddy mountains and drove through rivers to get to Zorange. I’m very excited to go to the clinic and start meeting the people. This picture is the new dorm HFHF built.

Before the adventure. Here’s Liz, Cean and Kim getting ready to depart. We’re all excited to start our new journey. A few minor bag technicalities, but we’re good to go!

This is the clinic/ school.


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