Another Julie, Ashley, and Marjorie Update

We are all glad to report that we have observed, and hopefully retained, a cooking lesson from Vierge. We now know how to season and deep fry fish, how to make sos pwa, and deliciously sticky and buttery rice. We have yet to see how our individual attempts will turn out.

We spent Sunday in Bainet, visiting the site of the future teaching hospital. The land looks great and there is a beautiful view of the ocean! We also visited the hospital in Bainet which will be renovated and run by a collaboration of organizations. We tried to visit the makeshift cholera hospital, but the staff had run out to pick up a patient. The good news is, they have no other patients, so there is definite progress! Before dinner we took a stroll out to visit Tata, who took us on a nice walk around the town. Little did we know we’d end up in jail! Don’t worry, we were there only as visitors; we ran into a nice policeman who offered to take us on a tour of the police station.

Early Monday morning we packed up and headed back to Zorange to finish up our surveys. We had a decent turnout at Bel Hotesse, but the road getting there was very tedious and it took us an HOUR and a half. Today, we finished completely! The turnout at Daniel was wonderful, we even had to turn people away because we ran out of survey forms. Now that we’re done collecting surveys, we’ll continue to go over the data so far and start getting a picture of the health situation in the area. Otherwise, Ashley and I are hoping to get ourselves some sweet braided hairstyles. Marjorie is of course, as always, already looking good.

We’ll try and write before we leave for the States, but if not, we’ll post pictures of our adventures when we get home!

Bonne nuit,
Julie, Ashley, and Marjorie

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