A call into action answered – land for HFHF Surgical clinic in Bainet is secured!

It is with unparalleled gratitude that I come to you today on behalf of our volunteers all over the world and our team in Haiti, to say thank you for springing into action. We have been dreaming of ways to continue and improve our surgical services in Bainet, Haiti. To do that, we had to plan to build a clinic with surgical capabilities. Well, today we’ve reached the first milestone – raising enough funds to procure the land!

Yes, you’ve done this! You’ve shared our campaign on Facebook with your friends and loved ones to raise the funds to purchase the land, and you’ve outdone yourself! We targeted $11,000, but that was raised in less than 15 minutes, so we bumped it up to $20,000.  At the end of the day on Giving Tuesday, we raised $19,835.

Our next steps are to see the transaction happen to secure the land in Bainet with the funds that were raised. The surgical team will get to see this land during our surgical trip in February 2019. Then, we will begin conversations with an architect and the surgical team to design a clinic with surgical suites to allow us to conduct multiple surgery trips to Haiti with different specialties.

We will continue to update with the plans, and we expect to have a design by end of March 2019. The design will be used by a structural engineer to develop estimates on the potential building cost of the clinic.

I know you’re excited and looking forward to being a part of this endeavor. Most of you started with us in 2000, and 19 years later you’re still hanging with us. Of course, I expect you, your kids and grandkids, to be with us for another 19 years and beyond!

Thank you so much for being crazy like us to take a plunge to work in one of the most remote communities in Haiti and not blink. You are awesomely crazy, indeed!

– Elade, Founder

A special thanks to our donors from our medical volunteers

Having our own HFHF clinic in Bainet would mean so much, I don’t even know where to start. No more packing and unpacking supplies or worrying if our precious equipment that we had to pack up and move at the end of the last trip will work on this trip. Best of all, it means general anesthesia, which opens us up to being able to do so many more procedures. Thank you for trusting us with your donation! – Shirley Winkler

To our gracious donors, believing in our surgical mission is believing in Haiti’s future. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supplying the hope and faith that drives your mission team. I promise to continue working for OUR dream! – Karina Bethje

To me, this clinic is the beginning of a greater vision. It will lower mortality rates, advance medical/allied health education, and boost the socioeconomic status of the region. It gives me great pleasure to see improvements to the area with each trip I make, and to know that I’ve contributed in even a small way is priceless. My heart has love for Haiti. – Lanita Stewart

To have our own clinic in Bainet would help us to build on the vision for healthcare in and around the community. I have been blessed to be a part of a team that goes back each year to perform surgery in Bainet. I have always said we are literally taking an operating room in a suitcase. This would allow us to unpack those suitcases and stay a while. Many improvements have been made each time we visit, and it is exciting to realize the possibility of more to help the Haitian people I love. – April Williams


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