Fast and Furious

The surgical trip got off to a quick start and Founder Jean Elade shares some of his thoughts on the beginning of the week:

I’ve come to realize that a surgeon going on a  mission trip dreams of doing surgeries every waking second. Of course Dr. Jones was complaining that we may not have enough patients on which to operate.

Well, just 20 hours after our arrival, we had already triaged and identified our first 3 surgical patients for Monday. 48 hours after our arrival, lo and behold we’ve done 9 surgical procedures for hernias, cysts, and lipomas.

The concern that we’d not have enough patients dissipated really fast by Tuesday morning when we saw our first case for the day was already waiting for us by the time we got there at 7:45am.

So, it’s only Tuesday and we’ve done nearly 20 procedures. We still have two days to go!