Ignorance can be bliss

Hi, It’s Cean. Today we had many patients at the clinic. Something must be in the water because there are a lot of pregnant ones…we did not drink the water.

Ignorance can be bliss – you don’t want to know what the meat is. You don’t want to see the cliff you’re driving on. And you don’t really want to know what’s climbing up the wall or what crawled on you in the night and bit you. There are lots of changes this year including a flushing (sometimes) toilet and water out of the spigot in the shower (sometimes). The clinic is an eye-opener, in which the nurses that work here amaze me. They do a fantastic job in a location you would never think they would be able to do that in.

The bath in the river is still refreshing especially with the fun jeep ride there and back. I’ll write more tomorrow.

the river
the bath